Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Detox, and Acupuncture Therapy

We kindly invite you to healthy and holistic ways to reset and heal your body.

Massage, Detox and Holistic Healing

Enjoy several treatments offered by our staff.
Relax with Hot Rocks
Relax to the peaceful sounds of the ocean as you warm your body up for deep muscle rejuvenation.
Lymphatic Drainage
Enjoy your treatment in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere as your muscles relax and rejuvenate.
Acupuncture Therapy
Acupuncture has several health benefits and has been known to be an effective therapy for all types of ailments.

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Self-care is vital to personal 
well-being  -  It's not a luxury, 
it's a necessity.

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Only Natural Products

Our massages are done with coconut oils and natural essential oils.
 We only use the highest quality organic products.

Natural Oils

We only use oils derived from natural fruits and plants. Our single note essential oils are always 100% pure and free from harmful ingredients.

Essential Oils

100% pure essential oils are distilled or expressed from flowers, leaves, resins, roots, and other plant materials. We’d love to share more on how essential oils can enhance your wellness. 

Coconut Oils

We use only the highest quality coconut oils which increase moisture absorption deep into the tissues of the body.

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